About This Author

Will Bower was bred, raised, and educated in the epicenter of the Electoral Universe: Ohio.

He began his political life in 1987 (at the age of 14) as a Youth Ambassador to the Soviet Union. The following year, he became a Youth Campaigner for Michael Dukakis.

He went on to be chosen as a member of Boys' State Ohio (1989) and ended up winning the prestigious Delaware County Democratic Scholarship in 1990 -- which he applied to his studies as a playwright at Kenyon College, Class of '94.

Will spent most of the late 1990s traveling the world, living mostly in Paris, Sydney, and Los Angeles. However, the events of 2000 and 2001 inspired him to move to Washington DC, where he intended to work for the DNC.

After a series of stellar interviews there, he realized to his disillusionment that the parties are mostly about fund-raising, for which he had little interest. However, he has remained in Washington DC, where he has been learning the politico-way from such Huffingtonian friends as Steve Clemons and Scott Shrake. He is currently a contributor for The Huffington Post.